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Welcome the official 2020 May First Membership meeting page!

As we witness the implosion of the presidency, dangerous climate change and the rise of fascism, the role of the corporate technology titans becomes clearer and more complicit every day.

So, what makes May First different?

It’s not just the politics we espouse, or the movement building we are committed to, or even the free and open source software we tireless maintain: May First is unique in our commitment to democratizing ownership of our technology. We are here to fundamentally change the movement’s relationship to technology.

And that’s where you, a May First member, have an important role to play!

We need every May First member to participate in our annual membership meetings, even if it’s the only thing you do for May First all year. We need you to hear our reports and evaluations on how well well we met our goals this year and to help shape our plans for next year based on the constantly changing political environment. These are unprecedented times – so we need all the input we can muster to make the right decisions moving forward.

Our membership meetings will take place from mid October through mid December and will include online meetings, forum discussions and a one week voting period.

You can register for all events on our event registration page.

Please take a look at our schedule and commit to attending at least one discussion meeting and the main membership meeting in December.